Are my temps way too hot?

I have a asetek LCLC (basically the same as an H50).

It has a scythe 1850 rpm gentle typhoon.

My temps with my i7 930 are around 62 on full load. I am not overclocked (yet).

Can anyone think of a reason? Maybe i need more thermal paste?

I am using AS5 and i think i did not apply enough.

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  2. its difficult to say about thermal paste as i cannot physically see. generally, you dont need a huge amount of paste - just a blob per core i learned. i highly reccommend you sort this issue out before overclocking though. :) will the fan turn up any more?
  3. Actually 62C is normal for an i7, even for something like an H50 I think. I would've expected maybe a few degrees cooler, but nothing huge.

    I'd say try re-applying paste, and if numbers don't improve, then you're fine.
    i7's are safe til 80-85, so 62 is nothing to be concerned about at all.

    Doesn't a stock cooler load at like 70C?
  4. Edit: i7-930s run hot, but that is actually a bit hot even for an H50 with stock core. Check your thermal paste! It should drop another degree or two once the thermal paste completely sets, but that takes a while :)
  5. Thanks for the quick reply i will try reseating the cooler with new paste.
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