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can anyone tell me whether i can overclock my lenovo y410 with core 2 duo t5550 and if i can tell me the software please?????
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  1. I really do not suggest overclocking your laptop Core 2 Duo T5550, because I doubt the laptop's cooling could handle it for one matter, and another, it's a lot harder to control the settings and you may be left with an unstable overclock.
  2. NO way bro.....it can't be OC'ed there is no popular softwere for it.......
    Only few are Clockgen,CPU Cool,Set FSB..........it very unsure that they will work............BTW it already hits 70 as i seen.........
  3. more performance gain: fresh install, windows 7? and 4gb of ram
  4. Been trying to OC my laptop a little for a while but untill now no succes and not much gain (if any).

    things i have done succesfully are locking the multiplier (disable C-stepping) giving the internal fan a little more speed and optimising it like apache_lives suggested (win 7 ultimate 64 bit + 4 gig)

    All the other stuff i cannot recommend i repeat CANNOT recommend. most of the time SetFSB and clckgen dont even work or bust when trying to set the changes and for some (stupid but obvious) reason clockgenerators for laptop motherboards are extremely difficult to find.

    OCing your laptop will skyrocket your temps to the moon and beyond unless you have a laptop capable of OCing (which are very few) with more than adequate cooling.
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