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so im copying data, program files, games ect. from my hdd on my external hdd so i can put them on my new hdd im going to get. but the problem is, is that theres 64.3gigs left on the external hdd and when i try to copy a file thats around 6 gigs to the external hdd it says it cant copy because theres not enough space. The external drive is an 256GB(or so) external western digital with 64.3gigs unused. whats wrong? :o

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  1. How large is the file on disk? Is your external hard disk FAT32 or NTFS? If FAT32, then the maximum file size is 4GB - 1 byte.

    If possible, compress the file and then copy the compressed version (it will hopefully be less than 4GB) to the external hard disk.
  2. Yes it's FAT32 so I'll try compressing thanks
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