Neww Some Help (about to order a System)

hello all im new names Jim and im goin to order a stsyem todayand i was wondering if the stuff below will work good as a system will everything work properly ?

this is what iv picked out and i dont really wana spend any more $$

please could you let me know if this will be good to go

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  1. For a $1000 budget, I would not spent $170 on a case. I'd get a mid-tower that is around half of what you are about to spend on that case. Then you can get rid of that Hitachi drive (I heard you want to run away from Hitachi) and get a Western Digital Cavier Green 640 gig for ten bucks more than what you would spend on that Hitachi. Then with the rest of the extra cash, I'd get a higher quality power supply like a PC Power & Cooling 750w that is a little bit more than that Apevia:
  2. well the reason for the case..i do plan on doin major upgrades in the future hence the full tower i plans on 2 or 3 gfx cards.... and a water cooling system so i need the room i have updated the specs..check this out please let me know Mainly just need to know if everything will be fully compatible

    i plan on gaming on crysis cod etctec and im a graphics designer

    PS -- i will be gettin a better fan... coolermaster V8 ( if it will fit! hah!)

    Updated Specs

  3. I have NEVER read a good, competent technical review (i.e. includes load testing and waveform analysis) of an Apevia PSU. Some melt at a fraction of their claimed rating. Good that you changed it. Ultra X3 is supposed to be decent. I think 600W might be a little small for what you intend, but is enough for this rig.
    Those prices look high. Have you checked
    I would also not buy MSI. A coworker who owned a computer store said he had lots of trouble with them. I would choose Gigabyte or Asus.
  4. ok how about this would this be good? no Compatibility issues?

  5. that motherboard is good for ATI CrossfireX technology support – Quad-CrossFire Support for Extreme Performance
    4 x PCIe 2.0 x16 slots with ATI CrossFireX™ support (@ dual x16, triple x16 / x8 / x8, or quad x8 modes)
    your getting an nividia graphic card could do a liitle better choice
    but your right about support for 140 watt and sb 750 if you go with amd
  6. what would be a good board for the same price cause i had ATI i wana try nvidia ok nvm im goin to keep this mobo if it will work withthe gtx+

    i think im set here i njust need a full confirmation from someone here

    ..... should i press the checkout button?
  7. ok i think im good to go on this one will this all work ?

  8. That looks better, for an AMD system.
  9. That looks really good. Excellent PSU choice.
    One question: can you wait a week or two?
    The Phenom II is right around the corner and is supposed to be significantly faster (10-20% clock for clock) then the Phenom and has a higher stock clock and higher overclocking potential. This is one of those cases where you are going to order your stuff and just when it gets to your door you are going to hear about this new AMD CPU that just came out. Off of the top of my head I believe the release date is January 8th. You should (maybe) see stock online within a week or two of that date. (probably sooner as some stores are already preselling them).

    I think you have an excellent build above (after the changes) and hope you enjoy your new computer either way you go.
  10. well i already ordered it lol!
    o well this is my 2nd build i will see how it goes and if in fact my mob will support the II's with a bios update that wold be nice! i dont tend to overclick but i might slightly OC it cause im more for the long lasting of the system
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