Need help buying a gtx 260

Hi i'm going to buy a 55nm eVGA gtx 260 core 216 ssc(675 mhz clock, 2.3 Ghz bus) can anyone please tell me what does the 400 ramdac mean? And this card is not available in my country, so i'm having a cousin send me one from abroad. Can someone please tell me what points he should be looking at when buying the card? i'l greatly appreciate any help :)
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  1. i don't think there's anything he can look for as you already picked out an exact model. as for the RAMDAC, it's a digital to analog signal converter. unless you're using a CRT or analog LCD monitor, this won't even be used.
  2. as a matter of fact i use a analog lcd monitor :) thanks for ur help tc
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