Geforce 181.22 Drivers for Vista 64-bit - Refresh Rate Bug

Hi all,

In case this issue hasn't been addressed yet, I would like to point out that refresh rates higher than 60Hz are not properly
supported on the new Vista 64-bit 181.22 drivers in 1440 x 900 resolution. I have the HP brand of the Sony FW900 24" Widescreen
CRT monitor and it supports refresh rates on up to 140Hz with some resolutions. I like to play 1440 x 900 in 120Hz because it's
so much easier on my eyes and everything is so crisp but the new drivers for Vista 64 do not let it "stick".

I can set the custom resolution in the Nvidia Control Panel and it will in fact display the image perfectly during
the testing phase. However, I always receive a popup window from the nvidia control panel that says the test failed and it does
not keep the custom setting. What's interesting though is after it fails in the nvidia control panel, you can actually go to the
windows display options and 120Hz is available on the monitor refresh rate tab where it was not available previously. The custom
setting will work only until you restart windows again. Once you reboot, the custom setting fails and reverts back to 60Hz.

To get around this I simply installed previous 180.48 drivers for vista 64-bit and it works even when I restart windows. I didn't
even bother to test the 181.20 version drivers for Vista 64 (if it's not broke don't fix it). Just thought everyone should know
in case they are having the same problems as me. Hopefully it can be fixed before the next drivers are released. The 178.13
drivers for Windows XP 32-bit work and support my custom setting just fine, just not the Vista 64-bit version. Hope this helps.
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  1. I also encountered this with the 181.22 vista x86 drivers. XFastest 185.20 Vista32 beta driver is OK (after editing modes.tx and nv_disp.inf of course). I have a used lacie electron 22 blue III and like to play games at high refresh or sync refresh to games engine (unreal t 2004, 85hz, battlefield 2 100hz, quake 3 arena 120hz, quake wars 120hz etc).

    lacie electron 22 blue III is the best crt monitor ever made, and you might fint a used one in excellent condition :)
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