I found a decent deal on an MSI P6NGM-FIH back in February. I let it sit around a while (past the retailer's return period), and finally got around to putting everything together about a month ago. Everything went together nicely, but I couldn't get any video out of the board. Nothing at all.

To troubleshoot, I pulled everything except for the CPU from the board and tried booting with the board outside of the case. Nada.

So I did an RMA through MSI (a little slow, but relatively painless).

Just got the replacement last night, and I'm getting the exact same result. I realize that DOA's happen, but to get two of them consecutively that do the exact same thing? Strange.

Is it possible that my power supply (Antec Earthwatts 380, works fine in my old system) or CPU (E5200, new, could be bad) could possibly cause a no-video problem?
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  1. Does the PSU have all the correct mobo attachments? (4 pin, plus 24pin)

    CPU should be supported.

    Are you trying the HDMI out or a vga/dvi connector? Try the vga if you are using hdmi. BTW, I'm assuming you are using onboard video, as you didn't mention a PCIe card.

    If it's not even getting to bios, you might have a RAM issue as well. What speed ram are you using? That board wants to use 667mhz by default.
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