Does Win7 with bios in IDE mode support TRIM?

I've read on Intel's site that Microsoft's ACHI drivers support TRIM with no intervention. And, in fact, that Intel ACHI driver's don't support TRIM (you have to use the SSD Toolkit "optimizer").

What it doesn't specifically say, and what I want to know is, does Win7 support TRIM with SSDs connected in bios IDE mode?

Anyone have a definitive answer?
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  1. The mode of the device includes a set of commands that it will recognize. "TRIM" is a brand new command that's been added to the SATA command set but not the IDE set, so my understanding is that devices running in IDE mode don't support it.
  2. No, TRIM is supportted only in ACHI mode.

    And TRIM is supported only with Win7, on a Intel based motherboard (X58 or P55). It's is part of the OS "drivers." No intervention required.

    If you don't have the required mobo, you can use the "Toolkit" for a Intel SSD. I think.

    Now, and I'm not going to go there, if you RAID your drives, a whole differnet story!

    Any more questions?
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