New i7 system, how to overclock?

So I haven't overclocked a system since the p4 northwood days... I have tried to stay up to date with hardware, but my knowledge of overclocking the new i7 processors is essentially zero..

I am not an extreme overclocker, I am just looking for something stable to run 24/7/365

here are my main system components:

asus rampage 3 extreme (x58) mobo
core i7 930 (2.8ghz)
corsair dominator DDR3-1600 CAS8 12gb(6x2) ram

my first questions are:

1- what is the acceptable voltage range for the processor?

2- what is the acceptable heat range under load for an air-cooled CPU?

3- should I set the QPI manually, or leave it on auto?

4- should I set the ram frequency to DDR3 - 1600 or leave it on auto?

after that, what other settings should I adjust?
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