Realtemp showing one temp and speedfan showing another need help

Ok just finished my new i7-930 build. Everything went smooth. Have it running at 33ghz at 1.184v. Have only one issue. When i have realtemp running it shows an idle temp of 51 degrees but then when i look at speedfan it shows 38 degrees. Why is this and which one should i go by?
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  1. Add CoreTemp and also read temps off your mobo bios.
    Not all temp apps work perfect due to bugs.
  2. Consider trying CPUID HWMonitor. It's made by the same people as CPU-Z, and it's been accurate as long as I've been using it. I'd say the one it matches is probably the correct temp.
  3. I figured out what it was. speedfan is showing my CPU temp where it says coretemp so it is correct when it comes to CPU temp but not core temp. Coretemp app and realtemp match so i am going with them as far as coretemp and using ASUS pc monitor to look at CPU temp. Wht is the highest coretemps i should go on i7 930? I see 75 degrees everywhere. Also am about to buy NOCTUA NH-C12 SE cooler so i can get better oc performance. Do yall know any better heatsink that is under 130mm that cools better than the noctua?
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