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I'm looking for a new USB thumb drive for my Xbox 360. I got a Sandisk Cruzer when the Xbox gained USB thumb drive support earlier this year but I found it's rather slow for read/writes.

What technologies should I look for in a USB thumb drive for both fast read/writes and also reliability?

To me it's very important that the thumb drive be reliable, data loss on the Xbox 360 would be just as bad to me as loosing photos or my iTunes collection on my PC and there is no way to backup 360 data on a thumb drive or the system itself because of DRM.
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    I've heard good things about Corsair's Flash Voyager, even though I do not have one. I have two Lexar flash drives (an old 256MB and an 8GB) and they have been nothing but reliable and quick (they've even been through the wash a few times).
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