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Hi All,
I want to finally put a graphics card in an older (~around 4 years or so) computer now that my son has taken to World of Warcraft. (So he doesn't totally monopolize the new build I just completed!)

Windows XP
Pentium D 2.80 GHz
Intel 82945G Express chipset (Asus Mobo, just don't recall the model)
1 GB memory

I intend to add another 1 Gig of memory. But was wondering if anyone can recommend a PCI video card for as well under $100 as I could get away with. (Any other upgrade suggestions welcome, too, of course.)

Thanks for any ideas,
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  1. might be able to pull a nvidia geforce 6200.... pci is mostly dead...... you sure its not pci express?
  2. That board should have a PCI-E X16 slot available as the 945G chipset supported it but with out the motherboard model number it is only a guess.
  3. Thanks to you both, but I'll look inside tonight when I get home to give better information.
  4. Here's is the additional info I should have included in the first place

    Windows XP
    Pentium D 2.80 GHz
    Asus P5LD2-VM Mobo
    Intel 82945G Express chipset
    1 GB memory
    400 watt PSU

    I do actually have two slots open--PCI Express x16 and PCI Express x1

    Just not sure what video card would be best, keeping it as well under $100 as possible.

    Thanks again,
  5. With a decent quality 400 w power supply you have several good options. A 9600GT, a HD3870 or a HD4670. Other options would include a HD4830 and a 9800GT, but they'd be pushing your budget. I'd add 1GB of memory even with XP.

    HD 4670 $70 after rebate- best choice if your power supply is also 4 years old and/or not a top quality unit. Decent performance for gaming up to 1440x900 resolution, good cooling, make sure it will fit in your system.

    HD3870 -$65 after rebate A bit better performance then the HD4670 It also runs hotter, uses more power, but it is a single slot cooling solution. Up to 1680X1050

    9600GT - $65 after rebate - Basically the same as the HD3870 in it's use of power and it's performance. 2 slot card with decent cooling.

    HD4830 - $80 after rebate - The most powerful and the most power hungry of the cards listed. I'd only use this one with a good condition/quality 400w power supply, very good performance up to 1680X105 resolution.

    All the cards listed would do a pretty good job with WoW at 1440x900 (19inch monitor), but i'd also fit that extra RAM into your budget.
  6. I suggest the 4670 Radeon, should be more than enough power, Stuck one in a Dell 300 watt PSU for friend and it ran flawlessly, Also doesn't require a external power connector
  7. Wow! (or is that WoW?),
    I couldn't have asked for better help.
  8. +1 @ vouslavous .
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