CCC Anti-Aliasing options, confused!

Hello. I decided to try out CCC's (Catalyst Control Center) anti-aliasing. I put the slider on 4x, but then I noticed there are 4 options to choose from, there's "Box" "Narrow-Tent" "Wide-Tent" and "Edge Detect".

What do all of these mean? I'm guessing Edge-Detect is an improved version of anti-aliasing, but what's Box, Narrow-Tent and Wide-Tent?
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  1. box is normal AA and will give you 2x 4x 8x AA

    edge detect is supposed to be the best but will give you 4x 8x 12x AA which might restrain you frames in some games though you can still leave it on use application settings whilst selecting edge detect from the dropdown but when you select 2x in a game it will really give 4x i think?!

    the narrow and wide tent are supposed to affect image quality so i wouldnt bother with them.
  2. This article explains Narrow-Tent and Wide-Tent:

    I tried it too and results were pretty lousy, Edge-Detect is supposed to be some insanely high AA-setting giving some amazing AA-effect. However it comes at a 90% performance hit or something like that :P

    For almost all cases, just leave it at Box.
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