Windows 7 laptop not connecting to Netgear WGT624 wireless router

New Windows 7 laptop (64-bit) will not connect to NetGear Wireless Router WGT624 v3.

It asks for a security key and when I enter it fails. Older XP laptop works fine and recognizes the router.

Any help is appreciated !
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  1. I don't know the answer but I have the same router and sometimes I have to enter one of the 4, I think it's 10 character keys, and sometimes I have to enter the password that was used to generate the keys. I'm not sure why.

    On a side note, I've found that NetGear products generally work, but don't work as well as advertised.
  2. If you are using WEP, generally it is better to enter the HEX code generated by the router, rather than the password. This often comes down to different ways that passwords are translated by different manufacturers.

    Better to use WPA (not WPA2) anyway as it is more secure.

    I would suggest that you try connecting with security disabled in the router -- and while you're in there make sure that Access by MCD ID is not enabled (it'll be under Wireless Settings).

    Failing that, suggest you post again on the User Forums.
  3. google search your wireless adapter for the newest driver and install it.

    for me...

    i have a Atheros AR9285 wireless adapter for my new asus u35j laptop which uses windows 7 premium (64-bit) it wouldn't connect to my netgear wgt624 v3 router

    so.... i googled 'Atheros AR9285 driver' downloaded it. installed it. and now i'm able to connect!!

    Hope that helps!
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