Best 50$ cpu cooler ?

imk beginner in oc. so what you think best 50$ cooler?
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  1. For less than $30 off TigerDirect or Micro Center you can buy a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus which would do the job nicely.
  2. Im using a Scythe Mugen rev. B and i must say its silent and does one hell of a job dont know what it costs in $ (im from holland) but i paid €35 (about US $43)
  3. +1^ the Scythe Mugen 2 rev.b is the best unit in that price range.
    Comes with a high quality silent fan the CM Hyper 212+ is good but the fan is loud.
    Another good quiet unit is the Thermalright MUX-120 and it comes with very good thermal compound.,2535.html
  4. I would take Cooler Master Hyper 212+ but replace the original fan for NOCTUA NF-S12B ULN

    it all should be in your price range and you would have one powerful but silent setup
  5. now it depends where your from, im from canada.

    i just bought a cooler for 40 dollars (remember about taxes :P) its the zalman 10x performa, i find its works good however i dont have another cooler to test against

    what i would say to do is, look at what u can buy in your range (if from a retail store on online)

    give the link to the site you are looking at, so we can see what there is and give u ideas what to look at.

    i say look at coolers with 120mm fans, ones with options for 2 fans is a good idea, as it allows for better cooling later on for 5 bucks (cost of a fan)

    from everywhere i read, the coolermaster 212+ has had great reviews, maxium PC is a fan of it infact. i was unsure of getting it, as the cooler only puts preasure on the center, not even all over the cpu, so cooling is greater in the center, and the cooler can twist (rotate)

    for the price, it really cant be beat (maybe the OCZ vendetta 2 on directcanada, its 5 less, looks cooler and does a great job at cooling)

    what cpu is it for? (socket type)

    so, give us the cpu (socket type), link to what site you will order from
  6. I'd say if you have a little more than that go for a corsair H50 cpu cooler.
    Here are the link for tiger and Newegg
    In my opinion more than worth the extra money if you can spare it.
  7. i was looking at getting the domino alc cooler by coolit, figured it be cool to have liquid cooling, however, more i read, the more i looked away from liquid cooling at this price point

    also it depends how much if any u will be overclocking and what cpu for that matter

    if u dont even know what cooler to get, i say stay away from liquid cooling set ups until u get used to air lol

    baby steps
  8. Have you considered the Xigmatek Dark Knight? I've heard nothing but exceptional reviews about it, and it's quite expensive. Purdy lookin' too :)\
  9. i look at the dark knight and all i think about is the ocz vendetta 2

    but we cant give u suggestions until we know where your from and where your looking
  10. I have my I7 920 @ 3.6ghz 24/7 with good temps with the H50.
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