Sata 6Gb/s & Asus U3S6

hi, i am building a new pc and am buying an Asus P6T board and a W.D Sata 6Gb/s hdd. Are Sata 6Gb/s hdd's backward compatible as the Asus board dont have support for it. If its backward compatible then will it be making any difference in its speed and wat if i buy an Asus U3S6 add-on card for it, will it have any affect on the speed.

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  1. Why not go with a board that has SATA 6 connections already? Or are they out of your price range for the time being? Never the less, I do believe the SATA 6 drive will work just fine with the MOBO you are looking at; it will just clock down to 3GBps. An add on card wouldn't hurt, but the best move would be to get a MOBO with SATA 6 on it already.
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