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Ok so I bought a new HIS 4870 512mb. And I go and install it and the first problem I had was my PSU (Which is a 400w rated at 380w combined power I guess? ) didn't have a 6 pin pci e connector. But the card came with one so I tried just running one thinking the second one was for crossfire support. Boot it up it tries to start up everything and the card tries but then goes to a low fan speed mode and my bios beeps the consistent 3 beeps and repeats.

Which to me usually means a problem with the graphics card. So I didn't think it was properly seated and pressed down on it and I noticed when I pressed down it kept the fan speed on high and tried to boot again.. Then I noticed a slight burning smell. Not strong but it was coming from the fan outlet on the card. (Its a double slot. One for the fan and one for the outputs on the Graphics card. )

So I power down and didn't try anything any further with the card.. I went back to my old card and the computer ran fine. Talked to a few buddies on ventrilo and they mention it might not be seated properly so I tried again.

This time it did the same exact thing tried to boot up then the 3 beeps and I powered down. No burning smell this time and I didn't notice any scaring or burnt marks anywhere on the card.. (It does have a plastic cover on the fan side so I could only look at the back of the card) So I went back to my old graphics card just so I can use the computer.

Noticed on the back of the box the card is rated for a 500w + PSU. So I ordered a PSU rated at 600w from newegg and am still waiting for that to be delievered.

My question:

1. Should I RMA the card? I know no matter what once I get the PSU I'll reconnect everything and try it again but for now do you think the card was damaged enough for it not to run properly?

Now I know now that I need to hook up two 6 pin connectors to the card and I'll have that with the new PSU. So thats not a problem. I'm just worried about the RMA as I have never down one with any newegg products.. This will be my first and Im just worried about shipping stuff and everything.

Thanks for any helpful info and support. You guys rock from what I have read so far.
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  1. With the connector not install, the card cant function to it full potential. I remember once with one of my friend, he didnt do what you did-left the connector unhook. System will boot and everything but the games(oblivion) would get like 15fps. That was with 8800gt, nvidia card arent as power hungry as an ati card from same class. With 4870, power demand is off the chart-the pci express bus supply max 150Watt. The card needs more than that just to idle. The burning needs more isolation-determine if from vga card or mobo.
  2. Well the mobo didn't have a hint of the smell when I removed the card. The smell came distinctly from the fan output of the card's second slot (It's a two slot with fan for the second and the first for the dvi etc connectors) And the card wouldn't boot with no connectors either.. same bios beep.. the 3 beeps in concession.

    Like I said before it was a light smell.. More of a burning plastic perhaps. And the smell is gone from the card since I took it out and I haven't smelled anything from the computer.. (And its on 24/7 since this happened.. no problems) Still waiting on the PSU.. I'm guessing monday since they don't seem to deliever over the weekend.
    So hopefully the new PSU will tell me the extent of the damage to the 4870. Anyone else with thoughts? Specially about the 4870.
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