Which processor is better out of E5200 & AMD 7750+

Pls tell which processor is better & faster out of Intel E5200 & AMD 7750 BE after overclocking & is it really eazier to oc a processor like these?
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  1. Well +1 for the 5200...It is faster than the 7750 clock-to-clock and overclocks much higher...
    But if you want to overclock, make sure you get a aftermarket cpu cooler...
  2. Consider AMD P II X3 720
  3. How much do you know about overclocking? And what is the motherboard you're planning to buy along with the processor? It's because I know a lot of people who heard of Intel's overclockability but buys a motherboard that doesn't even have voltage settings and then cry wolf.
  4. ^^Don't need voltage setting to overclock ya know.
  5. well it all depends on your budget. The 7750 can be paired with a 790gx board for really good onboard video. With the 5200 you will almost surely need a graphics card, but just based on cpus hands down the 5200.
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