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The only place I've been able to find an SPDIF In Bracket for my UD3R is on Ebay and they are running around 20 bucks. I've also considered the do-it-yourself fix by just buying the coaxial panel from FrontX, which costs $6.30. I shouldn't need anything but the coaxial jack so the last solution seems best but I was wondering if anyone had actually purchased the official bracket and was there anything to it worth the extra 12 or so dollars.

The part from FrontX:

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  1. I did buy this bracket off Ebay thinking I'd be able to turn my desktop into a 5.1 Dolby receiver. On Windows 7, however, so far I can only achieve stereo using optical-in. If anyone knows whether this is a limitation of the chipset, driver, or software, please reply and message me. I hope it was worth ~$20 for this experiment.

    (My specific board is Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P)
  2. I've an Intel (DS5) with the same audio codec, but a built-in rear-panel jack - my driver, also, only shows stereo for the SPDIF in...
  3. Because SPdif can only carry 2.0, and encoded (compressed) 5.1 via Dolby Digital/DTS. Uncompressed 5.1 signals are too large for Spdif to carry. Unless you are passing in a dolby/DTS signal, all you will get is 2.0, unless you use a soundcard to upmix to 5.1.
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