Where is the 920 OC guide?

Sticky not there.
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  1. On the newer Intel cores it's all the same process. You can read i5 or i7 guides regardless of model # and get an idea what to do... raise bclk... check stability, raise voltages as needed... probably run into RAM OC issues so underclock the RAM till after you get the CPU speed you want/can get. It's not that complex just google some general i7 OC guides. Ideally based on your mobo as BIOSes tend to vary.
  2. I am currently running @ 68-71 degrees in HWmonitor for the cores. I am folding 24/7 so full load. Can I go higher with temps safely?
  3. I recommend you to make sure that all core temps are under 75C.
  4. ok thanks. Another question, hwmonitor shows the processor wattage at 147. Is this correct? I thought 130 was the 920 max. Is this due to the oc? I am only @ 2.85 ghz.
  5. It is perfectly fine. 130W is hardly possible even thought it is stated by Intel.
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