File names truncating and jpg's shoing as tiles instead of thumbnails.


I've got a strange problem. We use our old office p.c running xp home/service pack 3 to manage product catalogues. We have sub folders with in sub folders within folders of images.The images are jpg's with the file names made up of a product code-description-price.
Example: ccp001-scrapbooking embellishments-R14.99.jpg
The problem is: Intermittently, file names become truncated and / or images become unnavailable. The strange thing is that it only happens in certain folders and seems totally random. If I transfer the catalogue to a laptop running windows 7 or vista before the problem occurs then everything works fine indefinitely on the laptops but we don't want to spend $119 to upgrade and reps get updated every week, meaning friday afternoons are spent hunting for dodgy files. I realise my file names are long but thousands of images with longer names are fine so I can't understand why this happens to certain images only.

Can any one help?
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  1. In accepting that the filenames are long, are you taking into account the entire path? That's the parameter to look for - not just the length of the name of the file itself.

  2. Thanks for posting a response so quick. I'm not 100% sure that I understand what you're asking. I haven't taken into account the entire path as my customers would only look at the file name under the product photo which they just see as a label. How would the path be relevant? I'm keen to try anything you can suggest.
  3. I thought about what you said and shortened the names of the folders holding the affected files and this seems to have stopped the problem from recurring. Thanks

  4. Well done. It's always worth remembering that a filename starts with the drive letter and ends with the filename extension - everything in between counts and you run into real trouble when it exceeds 256 characters.

  5. I can't believe how simple the answer was. This problem drove me nuts for months! I finally understand how it all works. Thanks buddy!
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