Dreaded 128 gig limit in XP SP2

I have a 750gig SATA (Western Digital Caviar Black) that always shows as unformatted 137gigs after fresh XP installs (Vanilla XP Pro).
Usually its no problem, after installing SP2 and restarting it shows up proper size with all its contents unmolested.

Except this time. . .
The XP installer kept giving me a message about not recognizing and having to format drive C (the 750 gig sata), even though I was telling it to install on my regular freshly formatted Windows partition (E).
So I unplugged the 750, installed XP, upgraded to SP2 and plugged it back in.
And now it shows 128gigs healthy,
and the remainder (570gigs), unformated. When I attempt to open it says it needs to format it.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling SP2, moving the drive to different SATA slots, various restart dances, and cussing.

I need to either recover the data from the drive or hopefully do whatever gyration is required to make XP see it properly.

Thanks in advance for any advice
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  1. Solved my own problem.
    Ended up using Getdataback and just pulling what I needed off the drive before formatting it.
    Guess its time to slipstream in SP2 if my XP installer will bork large drives just by seeing them
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