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My wife has a counseling practice & uses specialized software to help her schedule and keep track of client billing. Most of the time, she just prints out a receipt for them after a session. Occasionally, she needs to e-mail clients receipts for her services & for their insurance needs.

This specialized software allows you to only print the receipts directly to your printer. There is no option or way to "save" the receipt to her PC (Word, PDF, etc.) so she can then attach it & e-mail it to clients. Therefore, if she needs to e-mail a receipt, she has to basically first print it out and then scan it back into the PC as a PDF file. She can then attach this PDF file to an e-mail and send it this way.

Is there any software out there that can somehow screen capture the receipt portion only on the computer and then save this as a certain file (Word, PDF, etc.). I thought about the screen capture feature within Windows XP, but this won't work as she doesn't need the whole screen to be included. Only the receipt part that is on the screen.

Basically, take a pop-up window (the receipt) and make it some sort of file (Word, PDF, etc.).

Any suggestions?
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  1. My solution is probably more complicated than it needs to be, but I don't know of any other way. Download the Hypercam screen recording software. (You can find it on Google.) Then, select the portion of the screen you wish to record. Record it only for about two seconds. Then, import the file to Windows Movie Maker and take a screenshot. (Little camera in the corner of the video.) Save it as whatever file you like.

    Like I said, more complicated than it probably needs to be, but that's the only solution I can think of that doesn't involve the Print Screen button.
  2. My solution cost money.

    Buy Adobe Acrobat and after it is installed, you will have the Acrobat Pdf printer to print to.
    It makes a Pdf file you can then open with Acrobat and print to the real printer.

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