Optical Toslink Out to 3.5mm Imput???

Hi, I probably have a stupid question but I want to run my audio from my TV to my PC sound card. Since I have HDMI on the 360 and there only one output on the TV (Toslink Out) I don't feel like spending $30 on another cable for my 360 for audio output only. I was browsing ebay and stumbled upon an item:


I'm interested in this because my soundcard (Creative X-Fi Fatality) only has one available audio imput through a 3.5mm jack. Will this thing give me the ability to do this setup, or is there something I am missing?
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  1. A quick note on the issue. The available audio imput located on the soundcard can also be used as a Digital I/O port. Don't know if a device is needed or not to enable this though I know there is an on/off switch located in the software.
  2. Such adaptors work, but I recommend against downgrading an audio signal whenever possible.

    As I understand it, you want both your 360 and TV to output audio to your sound card via an optical connection. You best option would be to get an optical switch so you can switch to incomeing signal depending on what you are doing:


    I use a simmilar setup: HDMI Swtch to my moniter for my TV/PS3, and Optical Switch to my sound system (Wireless headset with DD/DTS decoder).
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