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i have a dimension e310 which has its factory hard drive in it allls fine and dandy there however recently i found a seagate hard drive from another one of my dell pc's which no longer exists other than this hd. aside from wanting to have it as a second hd on this pc i also have some data on the hd i would like to review etc. bottom do i incorporate this hd into this machine?
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  1. Since you're saying it's an old hard drive, I'm guessing it's an IDE hd.
    As long as you have a secondary 40 pin connector, you should be able to just plug it in.
    If you don't and just want to get info off the drive, then set it to slave, unplug your cd-rom and plug in your hd.
    Remember though, you will not have use of your cd-rom until you reconnect it.

    Note: If you have problems booting, go into your bios and set you orginal hd as the fist boot device.
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