Upgrade from 8800 gts 512 too what???

My 8800gts 512 just isn't cutting it anymore need suggestions from you guys. Is it worth the $$ to get a gtx 285, or should I go with the little brother 280 or cousin 260+. I'm an EVGA fanboy so I prefer Nvidia cards. Also 9800 GX2's are available again would it be a better value to get one of them? Lastly it seems to me that the 4870 1 Gig version still cant stand up to the single card geforce options so it seems to be a bad choice, but the 4850 x2 2gig version got the best option for ~$330 option in early january's roundup. So anyways I'm quite torn and would like to get some feedback let me know. and my price cap for cards is the cheap end of the gtx 285's @ around $380ish. Lastly I'll most likely go Core i7 next year so sli is most likely in my future as long as the card I choose is still performing well.

edit: I play anything from cod4/5, fallout 3, warcraft 3, GTA 4, Crysis/Warhead, Red Alert 3, Need for Speed, and as soon as it comes out Starcraft 2/Diablo 3 heh :P

-Current system: Q6600 @ 3.6 1.368v w/a Scythe Infinity (non lapped), 4 Gigs G.Skill DDR2800 @ 4-4-4-12 1.9v, Asus P5QL-E (P43), 8800gts 512 @800/1700/1000, Rosewill RP600V2-S-SL 600w, Antec P182, 2xSeagate 500GB 7200.11, SAMSUNG 22X DVD±R with Lightscribe, Dell 20.1" 1680x1050.
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  1. Vote ppl sheesh :P
  2. I think anything on the list except the 9800GX2 would be a fine choice.

    For power the GTX285 & HD4850X2 are tops, but it's not like it's a straight comparison, they don't cost the same as HD4870 or even GTX260(+) cards.

    If you've got the money and you're not looking for bang/buck, go with the GTX285 it's going to be the usual performance leader, and less need to rely on multi-VPU support.
  3. The 9800 gx2 is a ok option for the price at 1680 x 1050 max at this res it will out run most of the card on the list. I have 0 problems with mine. It get 20K on 3mark06 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=9539354, My wife has a 4870 512mb card and its very good as well. I just wanted to show I was not a 9800gx2 fan boy. It really is a good buy. I play crysis, cod4, cod5, GTA4, Mass Effect,farcry2. All at 1680 x 1050 with great framerates but the 4870 will do the same. But it probably does help that my E8600 runs a 4.5ghz.
  4. If you plan to SLI in your build next year then perhaps you should avoid 9800 GX2, GTX 260+ or HD4870 are good options, and if you can afford it, the GTX 285 looks pretty awesome.
  5. You have a Rosewill PSU? Crazy.
  6. GTX285 if you can. and PLZ replace this Rosewill PSU ...
  7. Yes yes I bought it awhile back guys(should have read more blah blah blah :non: )...it'll live through this build, and fyi even if it is crappy I have an older brother 550w one that is still kicking 4 years later so at least the piles are reliable enough for the low $$.

    Thnx for the replies tho. I'm heavily leaning towards the gtx285 atm its top of the price range for me but I just cant seem to want to spend $500 on a frigging 4870x2 or 295. And meerly wanted to see if there was a large outcry that the 285 was a total waste for the money or if it indeed was how i felt not an 'awsome' bank/buck but not horrid for the current best single gpu card on the market.

    well I may just have to go over to the other tab thats been sitting here open and click submit w/newegg =/ haha.
  8. Quote:
    I upgraded from a 8800 gts 640mb back in the fall to a 4870 1gb and never looked back. Everything is smoother, more playable at 1920 x 1200. Now they are $80 cheaper than I paid. Im going to a i7 920 very soon from my aging x2 6000. At your res youll be just fine with a 4870 1gb for a long time to come.


    Ummmm is it me or thats a rats nest and with the cpu fan drawing air down rather then forcing cool air into the hsf and up/left (out) of the case? :non:
  9. 4870 and get a better psu (looking ahead)
  10. You cannot compare an 8800GTS 640 when talking about an 8800GTS 512 meg card like the OP has.
    The 8800 512 meg G92 card will simply spank a 8800 640 meg G80.
    The 4870 is a fairly big jump over a 8800GTS 640, but no so much of a jump over a 8800GTS 512. A little, but not enough to warrant spending money on a 4870 if you have the G92 version of the 8800.

    Mikecs, by the way, that 8800GTS 512 will overclock like no other card, have you tried simply overclocking it? You should be able to hit 775mhz on the core, which really kicks it up another notch, literally. I can push mine to 835, and it runs completely stable as long as you don't increase the memory or shader clock. They are pretty sensitive.

    You need to jump 2 tiers of cards or you are going to feel like you wasted your money. It's either the 9800X2 (which I would pass over for the GTX285) or the 4870X2. Anything less, and you are not going to be impressed for the money you are about to spend.

    oh yeah, and until you have the money for a quality PSU, I would hold off on the upgrading to a newer card.
    You will likely regret it if you don't.
  11. Based on the "3 steps rules" on the hierarchy chart (the February one should come out soon), you should probably get a GTX280/GTX285 or a 4870X2. Not that picking lower cards (GTX260 or 4870) won't be good, it's just that you might not see THAT much of an improvement as you might expect.

    Which leads my to ask: what do you expect? what is "not cutting it anymore" for you?
  12. Gaming Graphics Charts Q3/2008
    Sum of FPS Benchmarks 1680x1050

    NVIDIA Geforce GTX 280 1024 MB = 628.90
    ATI Radeon HD 4870 512 MB = 595.80
    NVIDIA Geforce GTX 260 896 MB = 587.80
    NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GTX+ 512 MB = 570.40
    ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB = 536.50

    YOURS : NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GTS 512 MB = 523.30
  13. To Jitpub yea mine is OCed atm 800 core 1700 shader 1000 memory I've tried ea setting seperately slowly bumping it up and after 800 core mine just isn't very happy w/me. Of course the memory OC is less than impressive but the memory on these cards isn't very forgiving.

    zenthar I completely agree which is why I wasn't really looking to intently on the 260+ or 4870. Really seems that my biggest upgrade w/o going headlong into a supidly expensive card will be the 285.

    Thnx for the roundup there Bourlard I've looked those over many times I swear tho that the total scored are scewed in favor for the gts 512 though lol. I wish toms would keep a more up to date listing of cards/sli setups. I know the 285 is like 6-10% better than the 280 so just add a tad to that chart but its much nicer to see it on a list. as well as the 1 Gig versions of the radeon's. but w/e I digress.

    lot of 4870 fanboys out there so far and I agree its a pretty decent bang/buck but I really think Jitpub nailed it when it comes to an upgrade over my gts512. I'm not going to see jaw dropping improvements in games at max AA and AF @ 1680x1050. obviously call me out if I'm way off but srsly thats just how I feel which is why I'm going 285 at this point.
  14. It's funny I decided to do the same thing about two weeks ago. I replaced my 8800GTS 512MB with a GTX295. I have a little more wiggle room in the PSU area (PC P & C 750 Quad Blue). It's sitting at home, but I'm still at work for another week, so I haven't been able to change it out yet. We have very similar systems.

    Q6600 @ 3.2GHz
    P5Q Deluxe
    4GB of OCZ Platinum
    8800 GTS 512MB
    blah blah blah

    I voted for the GTX285. Well good luck and have fun.
  15. Well my Evga gtx 285 came in. My Vantage total score doubled. Lucked out I bought the stock clock speed EVGA and it OC'ed to the SSC speeds no problem at all. Currently running it at 702/1598/1323. Beast is idling at 44c atm. I'll push it to its max later. For now Vantage scores:
    PPU disabled: Total score P12753 3DMarks, CPU 12492, GPU 12842.
    PPU enabled: Total score P15563 3DMarks, CPU 43682, GPU 12814.
    Good enough for me. I'll most likely nab a 2nd next year (if they are still for sale...thing are being discontinued way to fast now a days) when I upgrade to and i7 system. Will post scores again later after I max it out.

    Got it up to 732MHz core, 1,543MHz shader, and 2,866MHz Memory so far. With PPU disabled and using the 181.22 drivers scores are: Total-P12905 3DMarks, CPU-12319, GPU-13113. Runs Cool still low 40's idle and low 60's under load. Will see how much further it will go.
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