Why does my command prompt appear and then disappear

i have a problem with my blackberry. in order to solve this problem i need javaloader to work. so javaloader only runs in command line. i have opened it in command line, but it opens and then closes within in a blink of n eye. hwo should i solve this problem?

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  1. If you are running a DOS-based program by double-clicking it, the program will execute and vanish when completed.
    A more persistent method is the click Start>Run>CMD and enter the path and program directly and press the enter key for it to run. If it still vanishes then the program has an "exit" command at it's completion that closes the CMD window and there is little you can do about it.

    If it is an EXE file that runs a DOS window, you can try to extract the elements of the exe and possibly alter the batch file that runs the program through it's course. You'll need "Universal Extractor" to do that.

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