Can Send Faxes/Cannot receive faxes

I run windows 7 and have a HP2600 printer/fax machine. I can successfully send faxes but I cannot receive faxes at all. The fax light comes on and I can hear the ringing but the fax does not come through. I get a message on my phone with a busy single sound.
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  1. Get the user manual:

    in the fax section it will instruct you on how to receive fax.

    On default it's probably set on manual receive, so you have to configure it properly.

    good luck
  2. Have you tried using an online fax to email service?

    There are numerous services around the world that offer free inbound fax service, we make use of a company that operates in the UK and South Africa:

    Each of our employees has a number and we dont need a fax machine anymore... If you are in the US or elsewhere in the world I am sure there are similar services.
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