HELP with problem, need mobo for under $100

My issue at hand is basically that my mobo is messed, it will not start with the 3gigs I've had in it for the last 3 weeks. They consist of 2x1g and 2x512(most likely because of faulty dimm slot) Ram is fine cause it works separately.

I took the 2 512's out today trying to replace them with 2x1gs which didn't work, so i swapped it back and now it will not run whatsoever with them all. This issue has made my day hell trying to figure out this bs problem. I just upgraded this rig so this isn't a nice way to start for me.

When i exchange my graphic card tm I want to pick up a new mobo for an amd phenom build that i have.

OCZ 650w PSU
500g Western Digital HD
Visiontek 4850 ---> to replace for 9800gtx+
mcp61pm-gm motherboard --> to replace for ?????

Can you guys help me choose a MOBO from to suite my system that will not cost more than $100. I understand 100 bucks is not much for a good mobo but it will def be better than the one i had.

I need to fix this before i go nuts :o , thanks a lot ahead of time, waiting for a reply.
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  1. Why does it have to be from Why not find the best one that meets your requirements from or any other site and then buy it from the Canadian site that has the best deal?
  2. Tiger has great deals for one, another is im exchanging my card there tomorrow so it just makes sense that I don't drive all over the place. Is there is a reason you dont like tiger you cant just refer me to a board in the price range and i will find it there, thanks.
  3. woah, woah. you said you want to replace your 4850 with a 9800GTX. Thats not a upgrade, its a downgrade. 4850's beat the 9800GTX. Don't do it. stick with the better 4850.
  4. I rarely find tiger being the least expensive, but if you're exchanging a motherboard that was bought from them, then it makes sense. Do you need another micro-ATX motherboard or will a standard ATX moterboard fit in your case? You can obviously find one on newegg that meets your requirements and then buy it from tiger.

    Here's a list on ( is down) between $50 and $75 USD sorted by rating:

    The first one on the list (ASUS M3A78-CM) seems like a nice m-ATX motherboard.

    I like newegg because it includes lots of reviews and it can help when having to decide on a purchase. I visited newegg even before they opened in Canada. I usually buy from the least expensive place and the total invoice is what counts (taxes, shipping and handling when buying from newegg). Last motherboard was bought from a store in Toronto because they had the best delivered to my place price.
  5. joelg88 said:
    woah, woah. you said you want to replace your 4850 with a 9800GTX. Thats not a upgrade, its a downgrade. 4850's beat the 9800GTX. Don't do it. stick with the better 4850.

    There's a reason behind that. The 4850 is giving me **** fps in WoW, imagine that... I have tried everything, and I compared to people who have lower end machines than I do and they run better fps.
    So... Im basically going for the next best thing
  6. btw thanks for the mobo find bud
  7. If you're interested in the ASUS M3A78-CM, then you should check it's price from a few retailers: - $85.49 + GST, PST, handling and shipping - $85.80 + GST and shipping - $86.10 + GST and shipping - $103.99 + GST and PST

    As you can see, you could have it delivered to your place for less than you'll pay from TigerDirect. The cost from DirectCanada is slightly over $100 delivered to your door. Air shipping is via Purolator.

    Visit for a more complete list.
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