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I'm looking for a high quality silver metallic heat resistant paint that I can use on part of a CPU cooler I still need to modify. Preferably in a spray. No lectures on what spraying a cooler will do. I'm only spraying a plastic part that I can completely remove from the rest of the cooler before painting.

Also what are the thoughts on the best UV paint? I found these: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/6072/uvp-04/Clearneon_UV_Reactive_Clear_Coat_Paint_-_White.html
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  1. I do simple case mods. I did what you want to do but with copper paint for a black and copper theme. Since it is a plastic part do not use any standard spray paint. The chemical solvents in the paint will eat into the plastic and ruin it. I used Tamiyama silver leaf spray paint and then clear cloat. Both are made for plastic. The silver leaf also makes an excellent undercoating for other metallic paints. It gives the other metallic paints a very nice depth. The paint is available at better hobby shops and on line. No problems with heat.

    Interesting UV paint. Go for it and let us know what happens.
  2. That's an interesting bit of information, I was wondering what kind of paint people were using on the plastic body part of their case when moding them.
  3. Thank you for that! I will check into that paint in silver.
  4. You could also use Testors and Master Modeler. Both brands are for plastic and are available at hobby shops and on line. However, the Tamiyama silver leaf is closer to silver than the others.
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