I need a cpu that will not bottleneck in my pc.

my current pc -

CPU: Intel Pentium D 925 (3.0 GHz, 800 FSB, 4MB Cache)
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-965GM-DS2 (Rev. 2.0)
RAM: 2GB DDR2 667
Sound: Onboard
OS: Win XP SP2
PSU: 400 W

do i need to upgrade my cpu for gaming ? my mobo does not have support for 45nm and 1333 fsb cpu's. so, my cpu must be a 65nm and 1066/800 fsb cpu. i do not want to change my motherboard. now i'm in a budget and can't afford more than c2d e4500. i want to play latest and upcoming first person and third person titles (specially crysis, f.e.a.r. 2, gta iv, assassin's creed, dead space, far cry 2 and the wheelman) in 800x600 or 1024x768 resolution, turning sound, A.I. and physics at max, AA to off, IQ to medium or high (of course not to very high), and in DX9 mode. i just want more than 15 fps. so which of the above cpu's will not bottleneck in my pc ?

guys, i want serious answers.
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  1. Well..Technically there is no such thing as no "bottlenecking". All in all depends very well on your graphics card and drivers but let's get to the point. I would deffinitly go with a core 2. I had the Wolfdale before going to i7 and they work like a charm.. They're still very good cpu in the gaming world. The only thing you're going to have to do is work around with the graphics settings to find that sweet spot that you'll be comfortable gaming at because of your limit of ressources


  2. thank you for reply. what's the difference between pentium dual-core E2xxx and core 2 duo E4xxx series cpu's ? will a pentium dual-core cpu do my work ? :??:
  3. Clearly, Core 2. With the understanding that you're far far more likely to be bottlenecked on graphics, irregardless.
  4. basicly the difference is.. well first is too acknowledge that they're both "dual-core" it's physiclly 2 processing cores the only thing is the rated FSB data transfer between CPU/RAM and the Cache..as the microarchitechtural design evolves they give new "names" but it's the same such as; Dual-Core, then came Core 2, then Core 2 quad/extreme

    So clearly, Core 2


  5. :pt1cable: You mean regardless :lol: irregardless isn't really a word in the english dictionary it's like a double negative lol

  6. Your not bottlenecking now. You computer needs upgrading to be bottlenecking. Get a Core 2 Quad and more RAM and you'll be fast as hell.
  7. all right, i will upgrade my ram to 3GB. but i dont have much money to buy Q6600. the maximum i can afford is c2d E4500. but, now i'm thinking to get E2200. i want to know that what is the difference between c2d e4500 and pdc e2200 (specially in gaming) ? both has 2.2 ghz clock speed and 800 fsb. and both are made by the same technology. and may be both has same multiplier. but e4500 has 1mb more cache than e2200. will this make a difference ??? :??:

    thank you.
  8. Yup, the extra cache makes a sizable difference, especially on CPUs that don't have an integrated memory controller. Generally it also usually, though not always, helps with overclocking since there is more CPU die to spread the heat. Yeah most 965 boards don't support the 45nm CPUs. The ones that do so overclock the North Bridge memory controller, and as such generally only do so with experimental, and unsupported because they don't want your fried RMA'd board, BIOS updates. You can hack your own BIOS to run the 45nm chips, but of course do so at your own peril.

    Yeah now that I said all that, get the E4500. You're not exactly demanding alot here so it should be fine. Overclock it and be happy. I ran Crysis at 1024x768 on medium settings with my athlon 5000X2 and 3850 at stock speeds (I raised up a bit some options when I got around to overclocking this thing ^_^) . Also looking at FEAR 2 that game seems to be very efficiently coded so it should run fine on your system with an updated CPU.
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