How Do I SLI?

Hello, simple question!

i already know u plug the two identical cards into ur pcie slots then connect them with a bridge but i have some quick questions first. do i need a special "SLI" type video card for one of them? or can i just get two independent cards as if i were going to use them separately or whatever, then just use the SLI cable provided by my motherboard? if not, can you pls gimme a newbie explanation on how? thanks! =)
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  1. You need two of the same cards (not like an 8800GT and a 8600GT), a SLI supported motherboard, and the SLi connector for the cards.

    All of todays video cards support SLi/Crossfire.
  2. sweet, thanks! so i dont need a special 8800gt for SLI'ing right?
  3. No, just the card. Back in the day ATI used to have you have a Crossfire Master card in order to crossfire. It was stupid.
  4. ah i see, that must be what i heard and got confused about, thanks so much!
  5. oh shoot one more question... right now i have an 8800 gt 512mb alphadog edition. i cant find another reasonably priced one online haha. can i just get any 8800gt? or do i have to be aware of certain things like the amount of memory or anything like that?
  6. Same memory. but if you got a new gfx @ normal clocks the xfx will lower the clocks to be at par with the new gfx.
    You could always overclock them both.
  7. hmm... sorry you got me a little confused. are you saying my card comes stock overclocked? and if i get a new card thats at normal clock, it will automatically bring my card to normal clock? or are you saying i have to bring it down to normal clock? as for OCing gpus, how hards that? ive only done my CPU and that was just a few days ago. learned in like a couple hours, then completed in the span of a few days lol.

    EDIT: also, what exactly is oced on a gpu anyway?
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