Spare Parts PC Build Scores 3500 3DMark06

Through together an old Biostar P4 Mobo with a 2.8GHz P4 1MB L2 Cahce, an AGB GPU with 512MB built in and 1 Gig DDR 200.

OC'd it to 3.09GHz and it is a decent little runner, just thought I'd share a story.
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  1. That's pretty damn good for a spare parts machine; it would make a good everyday internet/email/office computer.

    What's the graphics card? I have no idea what kind of 3DMark06 score my computer would get, but I know that it scored about 2,000 in 3DMark05 with my old Radeon X600.
  2. It's a Radeon X1950 so that is really helping, my new laptop scored a 750 3DMark06 so a 3500 mark with leftover parts was pretty exciting.
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