8800 GTS 320 XFX (standard not the fatality) Need help with oc numbers

Hi recently i got a 8800 GTS 320 XFX standard pci-e2 x16 gfx card, and have browsed online looking for some overclocking numbers, all i can see atm are the "alpha dog series and Fatality series card from this manufacter, and i want some overclocking numbers so i can OC, i have excellant cooling , so oc'ing the card ant a problem i just want to ask what others who have this card have there set to and got to max for there performance.

My card is the :-

core clock : 513
Memory clock : 792
Shader clock : 1188

Any advice would be gratefull lads.
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  1. i have had my own 8800gts 320 mb evga card without artifacts(never yet gone high enough to see them i guess) up to 918 memory /620 core clock/ and 1435 shader clock. i am haven't tried those settings during a game because i am too much of a wuss but i have done it with benchmarks like 3dmark 06 and vantage without getting past my comfort zone. I do have my graphics card oc'ed to 584 core, 1352 shader, and 875 memory during games for at the least 5 hours(like crysis). I use the EVGA precision overclocking tool because it also has an on-screen-display which can be helpful to let you know the graphics card temp. during overclocking. if you cannot get it(i think that you have to have a product registered on evga's site), but i may be able to email it to you in that case. just send me a message at eman4722[at]aim.com.
  2. You should know better than to ask such a question, a poster of your standing;)
    Usual rules of overclocking apply; You get what you get and no two cards/cpus are going to behave the same way!
  3. I started at 600Mhz on the core and 940 on the RAM, I seem to remember getting up to ~630/~960 before instability on my XFX 8800GTS 320 but I think I was lucky with the ram on that card.
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