Asus P6T Deluxe owners - box contents?

Hi all,

My P6T Deluxe (not a V2) arrived in the post yesterday and I just wanted clarification on what should have been in the box. Some reviews I read stated it came with a TurboV LCD display but mine didn't come with this. Should it have come with one? The box was not sealed with plastic. I wondered if maybe they just decided not to ship them with the LCD in order to try and get people to pay more for the Rampage boards?

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  1. Nope. There is the OC palm edition but it is more money. I have the Deluxe non OC Palm as well. It was like $30 more for the Turbo version, not worth it, the bios is the best way to tune.

    The OC palm goes for around $330, non palm for $300.
  2. ^ Thanks daship :-)
  3. Nope - no LCD display with mine either.
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