!! Several Problems with Monitor and GPU !!


This will be a little long, but I want to make sure I give a detailed description of what's happening.

A couple weeks ago my harddrive failed. It was a Seagate sata 120 gig 7200. I bought a new one, also a Seagate sata, 500 gig 7200. I installed Win Xp home with all updates. No problems after that.

My video card has been noisey for over a year (dust and whatnot) on the fan, so I took it out and blew it off with a can of compressed air hoping to quiet it down some. Reinstalled the card and on my monitor it said "No signal input from input 1"

So I reseated the card and had a huge amount of red lines and artifacts that look like little barcodes all over my desktop, so much so that I couldn't even see any icons.

I took the card back out and blew out the Agp slot, reseated the card and it was still as bad.

I installed a different card which I know is good and the artifacts are still there but much much better, but still quite visible.

The other problem I have had since putting in the different card is that
my monitor keeps shutting itself off and I have to use the power button on the tower to restart pc.

Last night it turned itself off 3 times in a little over an hour. Most of the last week it turns itself off a couple times in 3 hours or so. This happens
when viewing web pages as well as playing a game. I can still hear sounds through the speakers when this happens, so I don't think it's Windows crashing.

I have opened the case up and have a fan blowing towards the inside and have tried a different monitor which I know is good and the artifacts are still there, I didn't leave that monitor hooked up but a few minutes, mainly to see if the artifacts were still there.

In the two plus hours I have had the case open and the fan blowing towards it the monitor has not shut itself off (yet.)

I have taken out the ram and blown out those slots as well and made sure they were properly seated again.

This system has been rock solid stable for 4 years until I took out the video card and dusted it off.

Nothing has been overclocked or changed except the video card drivers were updated when I reinstalled windows two weeks ago, and everything worked fine.

Specs from the factory:
Dell Dimension XPS Generation 2 Series
Intel 3.0 w/ HT which is turned off.
2 gigs of ram
256MB ATI Radeon 9800XT
22"crt Dell monitor
460 watt psu

As I said, I changed the 256mb card a week ago to a card that I know works, and is currently installed, it's a ATI 9700 128MB card.

I Did Not change the drivers I was running the 256MB card on when I swapped to the current card.

Current driver version is

Could this be the problem with the monitor shutting itself off?

What about the artifacts which were there and still are there Before I installed the new card? And are still there with a different monitor which I know is good?

Sorry for the "wall of text."
If you need any more info, please ask.

Thank you in advance for your help!
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