Using clockgen

I have a Dell inspiron 531s,,,,,
it has 100GB HDD
normal optical Drive
0RY206 mother board i think its an Nvidia chipset cause it has Nvidia 6150se onboard graphics
the CPU is AMD athlon x2 64 (3800+)

and a good 250 W psu

I tried to get the bios to overclock but had nothing to use; so i downloaded clockgen; all i get is Clocks and Options...
there is NOTHING ELSE. i don't know if this is because motherboard/cpu can't be overclocked or because im using vista
( i unzipped vista version though so i don't think this is it)
if you have any other ways of overclocking or any suggestions it would help ( trying to get cpu to 4800+ speeds, don't know why i can't overclock it since athlon 64 is overclockable---right? ..* im also new to overclocking)

detailed info on: mainboard manuf.: Dell Inc.
Model: 0RY206
chipset: nvidia MCP621 (same stats for southbridge)
LPCIO Finteck f8000
Bios is Dell version 1.0.3

CPU AMD athlon 64 x2 3800+
code name Windsor (brand ID 4)
socket AM2 (940)
VID 1.24 V

(Got this out of CPU-Z)
thanks in advance.
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  1. its risk with clockgen
  2. I don't think clock gen will do much good...
  3. ok, one more question
    i think the motherboard is based off the nforce 430 ;; is that overclockable in the first place?
  4. It's a Dell - Your Bios is locked.
  5. Scotteq said:
    It's a Dell - Your Bios is locked.

    Is there a way of unlocking the bios? ( just a wild question;but incase you've got anything im here. ;) )
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