System for Rendering in 3dsMax

Have just browsed through some of the threads..

Thinking about getting a new system designed for good rendering speeds in 3dsMax. Will also be using Photoshop/illustrator/CAD on the background (currently studying architecture at uni)

So far i have come to the following conclusions..

CPU: Intel i7 920 (hyperthreading which rendering engines love) Previously was thinking about the E8400 and overclocking it, but don't think thats a good investment
Mobo: X58 Extreme (any better ones?) Maybe the P6T Deluxe?
RAM: 3x2gb 1333 or 1600. is G.Skill a good brand to go with?
GFX: Core 216 GTX 260 (should be enough?)
Cooling: Vigor Monsoon III (has had some good comments like decrease of 20% temp)
PSU: Antec 850W (unsure)
HDD: 7200rpm 640GB WD (or should i go raptor?)

Would a gaming rig work just as fine for my applications?

Would like some comments please before i cough out the big dollars!

After reading that thread about new technology coming out in Jan/Feb i might wait a bit till i buy the system but would just like to cover some ground first.
Hopefully the enthusiasts out there are kind enough to lend a helping hand?

Would like to be able to upgrade this system in the future without buying a whole new like i am now if possible.

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  1. All a gaming PC is basically is better than other machines, faster better hardware, High end Graphics... is a good thing, your specs look fantastic
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