Unstable windows XP? (XP Pro SP3)

Hello! (I think this is the right section of the forum to post in, if not an admin may put it where supposed)

I've had this nasty problem for a couple of weeks.

I'd a big fan of gaming, especially Counter-Strike. As I play, either the game or the whole system occasionally freezes up for half a second, which is rather annoying and this happens about once each 30minutes. If I play a more graphics consuming game, the entire game may just freeze up at any time and which then has to be exited through processkilling in the taskmanager.

My question is if there's a glitch or similiar in the operating system, since anything like this never happened with windows 7. I have formatted this same CD twice without difference.

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  1. Have you updated the graphic drivers?. This also happens when the graphic card gets too hot.
  2. I installed those which came with the card. I shall try to download the latest drivers from nVidia's site. I have a Sparkle GTX 460 1Gb OC, but I try out the drivers from nVidia instead of sparkle due to the huge difference in DL time.
  3. So far theese new drivers make the system work properly. I'll report back tomorrow after some serious testing, otherwise the thread may be locked :) Thanks alot!
  4. Hey!

    The problem is almost solved. The game no longer freeze and reqiure forced shutdown. However, the problem where the game freezes for half a second consists and seem to occur more often now. It could have to do with any other hardware, so I'll attach a list of my hardware here:
    P7P55D-e Pro
    i5 760 @ 3.9GHz
    Corsair 2x2Gb 1333 8-8-8-24
    BigFoot Killer 2100 NIC (active, not using the onboard ethernet port!)
    GeForce 460 (as mentionend in the #0 post)

    Any ideas?
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