Memory errors, ran memtest, now its fine?

So had an odd one, experienced some instabilities with my i5-750 rig, 8gb of corsair ram. Never ran a huge overclock, 3.2ghz with fine temps (high 30s), returned it to stock and still had problems. So ran memtest, came back with a ton of errors so I decided to test each stick. All checked out fine on their own, then even with all 4 back in the system, no problems so far. System ran fine for about 8 months, then 2 weeks of random restarts and/or blue screens and now its fine again. wth

I have no idea what's going on, any ideas what this may be in case it starts acting up again?
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  1. Odd indeed... could be an installation issue? Depends on the mobo but the ones with the single clip DIMM slots suck lol. My ASUS is that way and I even tho I swear I made sure to push firmly on all parts of the sticks my PC read only 2gbs out of 4gbs, so I took them out, put them back, and it worked... Might just need a little cleaning... Also, could be a bad DIMM slot. Maybe try 1 stick in each of the 4 DIMM slots running memtest each time.
  2. Yeah i tried what i could, its a gigabyte board, would only let me do a few memory/dimm combinations and i ran memtest on all of them with no errors. Doesn't seem possible that one could have gotten loose after being fine so long. Going to run prime95 when i get back today, let that go a couple hours and see what happens i guess, if its all still fine i guess i'll just count myself lucky.
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