Additional Case Fans on Coolermaster RC-690?

Decided on the RC690 for my upcoming build. It comes standard w/ three 120mm fans on the front rear and side. There are spots for four more...two on the top and one on the bottom and side. There is also a spot for a 80mm fan to the back of the motherboard tray to cool the CPU from both sides...(Yes I copied most of this from the product description :p )

My question is, will I see a noticeable improvement by adding fans to any of these open spots? My build is here -

It looks like my PSU has a fan on the bottom which will pull cool air in from the bottom vent of the case and throw it out the back...other than this, should I invest in any other fans?

I don't mind noise levels (As long as they don't get too extreme)

As always, thanks for any help.
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  1. IMO, take the side fan off. have the rear and two top fan spots filled. leave the front fan there. add another front fan above it inside the 5.25" drive bay cage. you can use zippy ties or the styrofoam stuff from the box. very simple mod. have a look through:
    for some great ideas
  2. What V3NOM says - bottom front to top rear air flow. More exhaust than intake. CoolerMaster makes a 4-in-3 drive bay device with a 120mm fan mounted in front which you can buy. Fits into three standard standard bays. There is the original version and a new fancy version. I've got the original version in my case. You can easily change the fan if you don't like it.
  3. possible link to said fans?
  4. Can't find the original version. Looks like the original version of the 4-in3 bay device is no longer available.
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