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I installed a new hard drive and now my speakers don't work. I installed all the things off my Motherboard disk including Realtek HD audio manager. However, they don't work. If I go control panel -> sounds and audio devices it says "No Audio Device". Please help.

Motherboard is the Asus P5KPL - VM and speakers are kinda old and are the Koss HDM/200.
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  1. Dowload the newest audio driver for your system.
    You prob. have a Yellow Mark in your Device Manager too.
    Make sure all is clear after installing.
  2. everything is normal in the DM
  3. o and where must I install the drivers to?
  4. And also, The old harddrive had no updates to the sound card. It used the same version of the audio driver.
  5. Download applicable Driver from Realtek, save to desktop

    Remove any Realtek from Control Panel>Add & Remove Programs

    Double click Driver File on the Desktop
  6. If you upgraded to Vista when you swapped drives then your speakers may not be compatable. If you didn't just reinstall the drives.
  7. Hmm, I never 'upgraded' to vista. Justgot a bigger harddrive. I just uninstalled realtek and reinstalled from the mobo cd and I got an error saying it can't install it. No details or anything.
  8. Are you positive this is your MB model, Asus P5KPL - VM Realtek ALC662 Audio?
    The reason I ask is that ASUS P5KPL-CM has VIA VT1708B Audio Chipset
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