Dont know whats going in my PC

hi everyone,

I find when I have several tabs open, my computer gets deadly slow response, slow mouse movements, etc..& if I go back to safe mode and its even not working ,
I tried disable all my start ups and processes which is useless but can not do so, Anyone have any that virus or spyware...I also scans my PC but nothing found..i also checked for registry..whether is there something wrong wid them..but not found any..!!!

If can someone know any software pls tell me that can help me in both the ways...!!

Thanx ..plz reply..!!
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  1. Well, the quick answer is, it sounds like you need more RAM.

    The longer answer is - how about some info about your computer (hardware, ram, OS, etc). What AV and anti-spyware are you using?
  2. how much ram do you have?
    if you dont know: task manager-performance-physical memory-total
  3. hi Eve,

    I think there is prob of hard disk and bad registries..disk cleanup and cleaning bad registries might help u..!!
    Facing this me too frustrated a lot...u can take Advanced System Optimizer..for this problems.. it utilities are
    best in those probs.... i.e.

    Registry Cleaner and Registry Optimizer
    and Disk tools..

    and u can also use its System it useful in removing temporary files, unneeded files and remnants of

    the uninstalled programs..!!

    Right now i m also using it...really helped me in recovering from these problems..

    hope this may help u...!!

    Try it..
  4. Hi all,
    thanks for ur reply..i tried Advanced System Optimizer & works good for me..thanx Alonso :)
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