WD740 hard drive issue.

Ok, I have a WD740 74 gb hard drive that I got from a friend after he parted off his computer. The problem is that this hard drive was in raid 0 (stripping), so that now when I connect it to my motherboard, bios recognizes it, when I go to check hard drives on my computer in windows 7 it also recognizes it has a 70gb harddrive, however when i try to install a fresh copy of windows 7 on it, it doesnt even appear on the list of hard drives? I dont know what to do to get it to work, if anyone can help please do!!!
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  1. Oh yeah, I forgot to say that when I unplugged all my other hard drives and just left this WD740 hard drive, and tried to load the bootable windows 7 dvd a error came up saying: Boot MGR not found, press crtl + alt to restart. It seems as if the hard drive since it was in raid 0 is missing a boot manager.
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