Computer beeps continuously after pressing power button?

I need help badly. this is what has happened this month. 3 weeks ago I bought a gtx 260 gpu. my old card was a 8800gts 512. I put the gtx 260 in my computer and my computer does beep boop beep boop continuously the minute I press the power button. but what is weird is I can see the windows desktop and use my computer.

these are my specs
q6600 cpu
asus p5e motherboard
silencer 750 pc power and cooling psu

so then I put the gtx 260 in another computer to check if it was a bad card but it worked fine (with no beeping ) in another computer. I then did a bios update on my mobo and that did not help it. christmas came and I decided to return the gtx 260 and go buy a gtx 295
so today I got the gtx 295 in the mail (out of stock) I put it in my computer and it does the same exact beeping thing. then I put my old 8800gts 512 right in my computer and it works fine

what is going on?
what is beeping and how can I fix this

I have called tech support at all 3 places at least 3 times each and they all say My product does not beep and I do not know how to fix it.
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  1. On the GTX 260 did you connect both of the 6 pin PCI-E power connectors to the graphic card? On the GTX295 did you connect the 6 pin PCI-E and the 8 pin PCI-E power connectors to the graphic card ? Are you sure they were seated properly?
  2. Haw you checked your RAM?
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