Wired and wireless at home issue

Hoping someone has some ideas on how to repair this:

Have 4 pcs on home network. All run XP. Two hardwired
desktops, a wireless desktop, and wireless laptop.

Linksys wireless router.

The wireless PC's browse the net fine, fast, using IE, Firefox, or Opera.

Both hardwired machines have to constantly re-load pages to connect, sometimes never do.

very strange. :sweat:

Where to start? The wired machines should actually be faster, yes?

Thanks for any ideas.
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  1. Since you are having a problem with both hard-wired PC, it leads me to believe that it is the router issue. It is either getting too hot or the hard-wire modual has gone bad.

    I would try a different router.
  2. I would try different cables and ports before buying a new router.
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