Which Heatsink is the best out of the 2?

I was going to buy a Cooler Master Hyper 212, but it shot up from $30 to $60, so I'm trying to decide on whether to get one of these two or to stick with the 212 and hope its price goes down.

Out of these two Coolers which one is the most efficient?

1. Zalman Preforma (5 Heatpipes; x1 120mm fan)


2. Cooler Master Hyper N 520 (5 Heatpipes; x2 92mm fans)
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  1. ninelivesproductions said:
    I was going to get the cooler master hyper 212 with 4 heatpipes, but its price just shot up by $30 so, Im looking for either a zalman or a coolermaster heatsink on newegg for under $35, or $40 at the VERY MOST. btw thanks.

    Hmm? :)
  2. Sorry, I have to buy from Newegg, I get a discount, please help me decide between the two mentioned above.... They are actually better with the 5 heatpipes!
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    single 120mm fan on 1 and 2 smaller fans on the other... 1 big fan should be quieter.

    You may want to look to see how they mount for AM3...

    Some will face up instead of to the back.
  4. I would buy this it's better than all the above cuz it's a Mugen 2 rev b and has a nice silent fan

    just be sure it doesn't interfere with ram height and dimms and you have a case for it cuz she's big !
  5. Thanks r-sky, Im going to get the Preforma one now, The way its mounted, the fan is blowing out air through the back of the case, Im 90% certain this is true, but even if it isnt I have a HUGE 200mm exhaust fan on the top of my case, which is just as good.
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