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I am trying to get a projector to work on my lap top. In the past I have used a dual monitor set up. Now I have learned that a projector runs of the same settings as a second monitor except that I need the same desk top to show on the second monitor/projector. i can't find a setting in display prop, settings to get the projector to show the same thing that I have on the main monitor.

Please help. I need to make this projector work.
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  1. Windows XP doesn't have the control over the monitors that Win98/ME had.

    Some laptops have a setting in the BIOS to clone the video to the external port and have XP only see the one monitor. (Gateway was great for this).

    Uncheck the "Extend my desktop to this monitor" for the external monitor, or, what's the make/model of the computer?

  2. I solved the problem. Upgrade acer driver.
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