Best overcloking GPU software

What is the best GPU overclocking software?.

I have tried EVGA precision I like it

I have tried Nvidia system tools(what a fail)

so does anybody know any good GPU overcloking software
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  1. I used MSI Afterburner to OC my GPU and gputool (i think) and furmark to monitor temps and test for stability. All's running well so far. What card will you be OCing?
  2. My favorite is MSI Afterburner. It's very similar to EVGA Precision, but it adds custom fan profile/control.
  3. +2 MSI Afterburner and Kombuster for stability test
    they come together in lastest download
  4. The best is RivaTuner(if you are using NVIDIA card)
  5. Tamz_msc said:
    The best is RivaTuner(if you are using NVIDIA card)

    Although MSI Afterburner is written by the same guy responsible for Rivatuner, and due to the time spent doing Afterburner he hasn't had time to update Rivatuner for ages now. :(
  6. I use Afterburner for both NV and ATI cards. It's easy, user friendly and has all the bells and whistles you need for a hefty GPU overclock. Riva is bloated IMO, too many things you don't need, and the fact that it's outdated just like MM pointed out.
  7. I actually like and still use Rivatuner, simply because it has a gazillion features and bits that no one ever uses but are still there. :lol:
  8. But in RivaTuner with ATI cards you can only overclock but it allows for fan speed control in Nvidia cards.
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