I've got a Maxtor portable USB drive that I use for back-ups, etc. It has worked fine on my XP SP3 machine for over a year.

Unfortunately, I experienced a very brief full power outage (just seconds) while the USB drive was connected.

Ever since then, when I connect the drive I get the blue screen with the above error. I've tried uninstalling the drivers for the drive and USB mass storage drivers, but still get the error.

I have taken the drive and plugged it in to another XP SP3 machine and it recognized it and worked just fine!

I'm sure that the power surge corrupted a file, but which one and how do I replace it?

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  1. Connect the USB drive in the other computer, in which it works fine. Save all the files. Then do a complete format of the USB drive.

    I hope you don't have the annoying U3 program on this USB. If you do, uninstall the U3.
  2. Thank you - that worked perfectly!
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